The Great North Walk 2

Episode 2 – Fullers Bridge to Thornleigh In keeping with my claim in my first blog on the Great North Walk – that the walk is a really accessible way to get immersed in Sydney’s suburban bush – I decided to give section 2 a go “FPT” : Full Public Transport!!!! So post morning commuteContinue reading “The Great North Walk 2”

Escapade dans le Pacifique

It’s always been said that the French Overseas Territories are like remote enclaves of France dotted around the world. But it’s not until you go to one that you realise just how true that is. At least it’s certainly true for the region of Noumea on the island of New Caledonia, which is a terriblyContinue reading “Escapade dans le Pacifique”

Simeon (middle aged male, sometimes seen in lycra)

Beyond The Hill is about sharing adventures and writing about what’s good in the world. I wasn’t quite on the planet when Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon, but no matter, I reckon there’s plenty here on Earth to see and appreciate. Moving from one side of the world to the other as aContinue reading “Simeon (middle aged male, sometimes seen in lycra)”